Blue Flower

Because of how the Kondratieff wave wave works in conjunction with the law against recessions, it was completely inevitable that we would end up with a very high stock market for a while in the end.

The problem is that it is not sustainable.
The Kondratieff wave is based on imbalances.  And the longer things hold up, the more the imbalances build up.
If the Fed keeps pushing (it will), the imbalances will eventually build up to the point where they overwhelm the system.
That is also how I was able to predict the downturn of 2008-2009 more than 7 years in advance - on the basis of imbalances.
The problem is that since the authorities did not let the system clean out either time (early 2000's or 2008-2009), the imbalances are much worse in the meantime.
This cannot end well.
By the wayimbalances are not even a concept (at all) to conventional economists.
And I should note that it is WAY too late to do something about the situation itself anymore.
The imbalances have built up (way) too much in the meantime.  
(That is why the Fed has to push so hard in the meantime to keep things going.)
Realistically, the only thing that can still be done is to (prepare to) deal with the consequences.