Blue Flower

The law against recessions was passed by Congress for a reason - there is a certain (national) mentality behind it.
The problem is that it is not sustainable, maintainable, and that is why I am doing what I am doing.
American economists do not accept the Kondratieff wave (which is one thing I talk about) precisely because it predicts downturns.
Instead of figuring out why it predicts downturns, they take the attitude of "We don't like that!" and pretend that it doesn't exist or just wish it would go away.
Problem is that things don't work like that.
If one combines (the details of) the Kondratieff wave with (the impact of) the law against recessions, then everything that has actually been happening and is happening economically/financially in the real world (in the big picture) did/does make perfect sense and was/is perfectly predictable.
The problem is that it can't, and therefore won't, end well.